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Peace of mind is something all of us want, but few of us seem to find. The usual problem is that we get too caught up in the ways of the world, with its constant distractions and diversions. And the world we live in can be not just distracting, but downright dangerous and scary, too. Even without the danger factor, two-thirds of the people in surveys say they are unhappy with their lives. That is a huge number of people who are waking up every day with a black cloud overhead!  You do not need to be one of them!  You should not be one of them!

Consider: The world today seems to be a place where nobody gets along with others...or wants to.  Democrats against Republicans. Arabs against Israelis.  Blacks against whites.  Pro-abortionists against pro-lifers.  Atheists and agnostics against Christians.  Muslims against everybody.  How are we to find peace of mind in such a confused and hate-filled place?

Maybe you don't hate anybody. There are many of us who can find something to like in just about everybody we meet.  We get up in the morning and go to work looking forward to the day ahead. But even in this world there can be some very large bumps in the road. You get to work to find you are suddenly out of a job due to nothing that you can control. You get a phone call telling you someone you love dearly is in the hospital fighting to stay alive following an accident. You get a medical diagnosis telling you that your own life is in danger of ending very prematurely.

Where is any peace of mind to be found in all of this? is here not just to help you through the fog and over the bumps of daily living, but toward an eternity that is sure to be not just wonderful but way beyond imagining.

If you are someone who has not yet made a decision to accept God and His incredible gift to us in the person of His Son, Jesus the Messiah, we hope we can present enough evidence to you to help you change your mind.  Be assured, there is LOTS of evidence.  There is so much, in fact, that it is virtually impossible to reach any decision but one: This world was created by a loving God to be a home for all the people whom He created to occupy it. 

People such as astronomers and astrophysicists, those who study the stars and the universe containing them, commonly find that they have to admit a super-powerful God must be behind all they see in the heavens because they have no other way to explain what they see.  Either now or later, please visit our website (WHOFIRST.COM, see the graphic below for a link) to find our answers to the questions we came up with as we did our own research into truth vs. speculation and logic vs. inconsistency in matters of faith.

There can be some very exhilarating and treasured moments in this life, as we try to illustrate in the photo above.  But the eternity that is ahead of us promises to be exhilarating and gratifying beyond anything we can possibly experience on planet Earth.  Let's be logical: God is either real or He is not; the Bible is either true or it is not; and confirming these truths is too important to leave to chance.  If the Bible is both true and verifiable, then we make a huge mistake not to confirm and verify using all the evidence we can find!

Wouldn't you hate to miss an exciting eternity just because you didn't take a little time to check out all those Biblical truths?  (Because if the Bible is true, then Hell is a real place just like Heaven is a real place. This is a critically important truth to keep in mind.)

Most people take more time and spend more effort planning a one-week vacation than planning for their eternity -- where we will have perfect, never-sick bodies and perfect, unbelievably competent minds.  You think this life is (or can be) a good one?  Wait till you get to heaven!  The Bible tells us we cannot even imagine how wonderful heaven is going to be!

You might think Heaven will be heaven because God will be there...but God thinks it will be heaven because YOU will be there. (A thought from Beth Moore, Christian author and teacher.)

Join us here for a very special and exciting journey!