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Here are some essential details you'll want to know:

My name is John Busser.  I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (the land of the Frozen Chosen) with my wife Sherri and a little dog we call Mr. Twitley because he can be a twit sometimes.  But it's not his fault...he's a senior rescue dog with some limitations he came to us with, like severely disabled hearing and vision, plus a limp from a past injury.  But we sure do love him...he's got a great personality in spite of his disabilities, and we're giving him what he's probably needed most all his life: Unconditional love and caring in a stable home.


I come to you and to with these absolute convictions:
              - God is real (one of our pages will prove that to you, and we have a whole website which will add lots more details)
              - The Bible is a book of truth (we'll also gladly prove that to you)
              - Therefore, in light of the above, the best (and the smartest) thing for us to do is to accept and live by those truths

I will never try to force my convictions upon you. You are an intelligent and well-reasoning person. (In fact, God even tells us in the Bible, "Come, let us reason together."  He is not going to force anything on you, either.)  Our whole system of law and justice is based on truth, logic, evidence, and reason, and well-reasoning people on courtroom juries are asked to make life-and-death decisions all the time based on those factors.

You might have noticed that truth is an endangered commodity today.  Our media now think nothing of lying to us.  Our politicians lie to us with even greater frequency.  (They also try to get elected not to make this a better country to live in, but precisely to force their convictions upon us.  We have both Muslims and progressives who are in office solely to further their often radical agendas.)  Corporations lie to us to get us to buy more of their products.  (Remember Monsanto and the RoundUp product they told us was completely safe to use?  And you'll be amazed to discover how many of our food producers are focused on profits and not at all on people or nutrition or health.  Pharmaceutical companies?  We don't have time now to even start down that road.)

We will always pursue truth here, in all circumstances and situations.  We hope you are that kind of person too.


                                                                      The truth can make us free

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