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If you are familiar with membership sites across the Internet, you know that some of them are pretty pricey.  Some of them, in fact, are EXTREMELY pricey. is NOT one of those.

We want this to be your absolute BEST possible online membership experience.

Lots of membership or subscription websites start their monthly membership rate at $47 and go up from there.  We are fundamentally a ministry, and have been online for well over twenty years.  We have NEVER been a donation-based ministry with a "donate here" kind of online presence, and we are not planning to change any of that now.  In fact, as a ministry we have never asked the public for so much as a nickel.  BUT...with the addition of to our online presence, and with our goal of reaching as many people as possible all around the globe with a truly worthwhile and enjoyable membership experience, we are now in a somewhat different online league.  Put very simply, we cannot afford to offer and support without help from PPM members.

                                                     CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

HOWEVER...we would like for all of us to sort of ease into this new membership thing, to make sure we're getting it right and to make it painless for you.  So here's what we're going to do.  We'll make your second month's membership a 50% discount from the planned $29 monthly rate if you ask us to do that.  (Second month = $14.)  We understand that pretty much everybody these days is on a budget, and we want to help all we can.  As we stated previously, we plan on being able to send an occasional gift to our members to let you know we appreciate our relationship, and it's not a gift if you're ever going to be asked to cover its cost.  Of course, we have to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining and hosting the site, and related expenses.  We think we can do all of this for only $29 per month from members, and we want you to think it's the best $29 you'll spend each month!  (If you ever think otherwise, please be sure to tell us.)  We can even get the membership down to $18.75 a month for you if you want to join on an annual basis.  See below. 

One of the things we will always offer is our personal attention to you and to any questions you might have. We want to extend to you this guarantee: If as your membership continues you do not feel that you are more at peace with your life and circumstances and future than when you first joined, we want you to tell us that.  Getting right with God and discovering beyond any doubt that He is guiding your life now is a big step forward for anyone.  However, it is a step that our loving Lord takes very seriously, and you must do the same.  We have seen God act over and over in our own lives, and we want to be sure you can recognize and rely on His guidance, too.
OTHER OPTIONS.  If you want to join and absolutely do not know where you can find $29 right now in your budget, we will be glad to offer you a scholarship.  Let us know via email or a phone call or a brief letter that you need this arrangement right now, and we'll set up a gratis membership for you.  Just remember two things: (1) We are not trying to get rich with a top-level membership experience offered at only $29, and (2) it is very possible that in coming weeks or months we could find an income opportunity that checks out thoroughly and you could participate in that to add some wiggle room to your expenses vs. income picture.  (We can already offer you a truly excellent income opportunity with our travel service.  Click on TRAVEL in the menu above; also see the MCC opportunity under WEALTH.)  See the graphic below for an annual membership option which will give you a 35% saving.


ONE LAST ADDITIONAL ITEM.  If you like our site and what it offers enough to recommend it to others, and you tell us that someone you know just joined because of your recommendation, you have earned yourself a free month of membership as our thanks to you!  Every time you direct a potential new member to and that person joins because of your invitation, you'll get a free month!  Call, text, email, or use our little contact form (all are on the CONTACT US page), and we will get back to you quickly.