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A good friend of mine, when people would ask him
, "What do you do?" would usually say "I'm in shipping."

Most of those inquiring would then ask, "What kind of shipping?" or maybe "What does that mean?"

Because my friend, like me, was also in ministry, he would say something like "Relation shipping."  Or perhaps "friend shipping."  Or "fellow shipping."

Those answers were often a very good way to get a conversation going.

"Relation shipping" is something that used to be more important than it seems to be today.  Have you ever thought about what heaven might be like?  It's going to be very different from life on this besieged little planet.  No doctors or nurses or hospitals...because no one in heaven will ever be sick or injured.  No lawyers...because we will not have disputes which will need settling, and the laws we'll all live by are already fully in place.  No contractors or repairmen or fix-it shops...because nothing will ever break down, and contractors will not need to build anything.  (We don't mean these people will not be in heaven, just that their jobs or occupational skills will not be needed.)  No clocks or watches, because time doesn't exist in eternity!  No cellphones...because based on lots of evidence, everyone in heaven communicates by thought-waves.  Instantly.

The most important feature of heavenly life will be all the relationships we'll develop and benefit from (not to mention, of course, that our heavenly life will never end).  First and foremost, of course, is the relationship everyone will have, and WANT to have, with God Himself.


Don't ever make the mistake of confusing "religion" with having a real relationship with the God of the universe.  Does that sound like too big of a stretch to be realistic?  It's not.  God created this planet to be a unique and beautiful place for all the life He planned to create to live on it.  He even made His ultimate creation, you and me and all other people, "in His image."  That is, He gave us the ability to live forever and to have God's own nature of loving unconditionally.  Being created "in His image" also means we have the ability to relate on a spiritual level.  But we have to accept God's amazing gift of eternal life on God's terms.  (Doesn't sound so unreasonable, really, when you consider He's inviting us to live with Him in a perfect world called Heaven, in "mansions" He will build for us.  No one on this planet ever offered to build a mansion for you...and it wouldn't be in a perfect world even if that were to happen.)

To have a relationship with God, all you have to do is get to know His Son, Jesus the Messiah, the Christ.  And it's very easy to do that.  Just pick
up a Bible and begin to read it.  Ask in prayer for a true and deep understanding of what you are reading.  You'll be both surprised and gratified by what you learn!  (If you're not real familiar with the Bible, we might suggest that you start your reading with the gospel of John in the New Testament.)

If you need a Bible, we have a free one for you.  Visit TO THE POINT on the menu above to see the Bible we'll send you, then go to CONTACT US and use the neat little online form to send us your name and mailing address so we can send your free Bible to you.  (If you prefer, you can have an online Bible by going to  Lots of languages to choose from, and lots of different English translations.)


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