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Cancer "Master Cell" Breakthrough -
Hidden in the heart of every tumor is something called a “master cell”…
and these master cells are the only cancer cells that control HOW a tumor grows…where it spreads…and exactly how it manages to outsmart chemotherapy and radiation, again and again.  They’re the reason why cancer COMES BACK months or even years after doctors thought it was long gone.  And while these “master cells” make up less than 1% of the tumor’s size, they are by far the most lethal, most sinister weapons in cancer’s advance. 

Here are the terrifying facts scientists know so far:

  • Chemotherapy and radiation don’t kill master cells—they actually make them stronger, 32 TIMES STRONGER, according to a shocking UCLA study on breast cancer radiation.
  • PET scans, CT scans and MRIs can FAIL to detect them, making them nearly invisible to doctors.
  • New research reveals it takes just 100 master cells to regrow massive tumors.

As long as they survive in your body, it’s not “if” cancer comes back, it's “when.”  News of this discovery chilled the blood of cancer researchers worldwide.  So all around the globe, the best and brightest set out to find a way to destroy cancer’s “master cells.”

In the last five years, 23 universities all identified the same powerful compound that can help:

  • STOP cancer in its tracks by devouring chemo-resistant master cells…
  • HALT hundreds—and possibly even thousands—of cancer-causing signals that give master cells their power.
  • SUPERCHARGE chemotherapy so it’s finally strong enough to kill master cells.
  • TURN OFF the “regeneration switch” inside each master cell to stop cancer from coming back.

And it does all this while it makes your healthy cells stronger!  This stunning medical miracle is a natural compound called CL-4.

All the evidence so far suggests CL-4 can outperform chemo—giving you the best chance of enjoying a cancer-free life.  This is one of the most-researched natural discoveries in the world.  There have been 63 human trials to date, with 5 more in progress right now—including one at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. LOTS MORE INFORMATION HERE.

Want no-cost-to-you cancer screening?  The American Cancer Society currently lists 76 different types of cancer.  Cancer can be caused by genetic factors, by exposure to sun and other types of radiation (radiation and chemotherapy used in cancer treatments can actually increase the risk of developing other cancers), viruses and other infections, diet and physical activity, tobacco and smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, and other lifestyle factors.  The list of known and probable human carcinogens is a very long list.  CLICK HERE for more information.

olistic healing from fearsome modern-day diseases – like cancer – is possible. Individuals need not wait until they receive a crippling diagnosis, as their power to prevent and even reverse such illnesses lies predominantly in their dietary and lifestyle choices.  This dreaded modern-day disease is estimated to affect 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 2 men.

For anything to become manifest, it must have a cause or a source. Holistic, natural modalities work with every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit to clear any underlying reason which has resulted in illness; this is where Western medicine is greatly lacking. But if one becomes inspired enough to take action today, he or she need not worry about modern day diseases destroying health tomorrow.

Read "How I Healed Myself From Cancer -- Naturally" by Tom Arguello. CLICK HERE

Real proof of cancer cures comes from healed patients, not from scientific documents.  Scientific language can be used to obfuscate reality, especially in medicine. Several disclosures from whistle blowers and investigators have uncovered scandalous medical journal reporting. The extremely low rate of recovery from cancer continues when using traditional and expensive toxic methods which create more suffering.

Mainstream medicine disregards cured patients’ stories as anecdotal, meaning they are not “proven scientifically.”  But any of them can be proven scientifically, and many of these anecdotal cures are clinically documented. The cancer industry, which includes fund raisers, research universities, and Big Pharma, has too much to lose if alternative cures are acknowledged or accepted.

Mainstream oncologists admit that their average cure rate is extremely low. What they usually offer is a few more months or years of life in bad health. That’s why fund raisers keep raising money for finding cures and Big Pharma keeps pumping out toxic chemicals that harm more than heal.

Most oncologists don’t know about the power of nutrition and detoxification to help your immune system handle almost anything. So they attack cancer cells using chemicals initially derived from chemical warfare’s mustard gas with the mindset of ignoring collateral damage. This is the "you’ve got to destroy a village to save it" logic.  But your immune system is your collateral. And it easily can get damaged to the point of dying when you bombard it with chemotherapy and/or radiation.  Meanwhile, dozens of actual safe and inexpensive cures are ignored.  CLICK HERE for more information.

CHRIS WARK says "I was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer in 2003. After surgery I opted-out of chemo and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. Today I’m healthy, strong, and cancer-free!  If you’d like to learn how to help yourself heal or prevent cancer, you’ve come to the right place!"  His website is and is well worth a visit.  He has also put together an excellent document titled 20 Questions For Your Oncologist which you can find RIGHT HERE.

"Nearly 100 years ago, the AMA began removing nutritional education from medical schools in America. Medical doctors would no longer understand anything about using food as medicine (or be allowed to suggest it), and all mid-wives, Native American herbalists and natural healers would be referred to in medical journals as "quacks." The Western Medicine philosophy would soon come to be that no food in the world could ever heal a human being or cure any disease or disorder; in fact, only pharmaceuticals and vaccines would ever be able to make that claim (legally) and get away with it, whether in peer reviews, medical and science journals (JAMA), scientific "studies" or labeled as such on products.

"It is now illegal for any food, herb, tincture or superfood product to say that it cures anything, yet medications (drugs) advertised on TV can claim to treat all kinds of diseases and disorders, even though the side effects are horrendous, some of the time including internal bleeding and suicide. (In fact, standard medical practice is the second largest cause of death in the USA, according to Readers Digest.  This does not mean only malpractice, which refers to errors on the part of medical practitioners, but standard medical practice, which is the practice of medicine which is customary and normal in any given set of circumstances.)

"Mother Nature has a CURE for everything and also offers prevention and immunity for everything under the sun. Nutritionists and naturopathic physicians will tell you all day long that organic fruits and vegetables are the key to healing and living a healthy life. A plant-based diet can heal nearly any health problem, and the body is like a machine that "fires on all cylinders" when given the correct fuel. Take this knowledge and be on your way to health freedom and natural living, where you have lots of energy, rarely ever get sick, can think critically all the time, can be spiritual and independent and take care of your family!"  (from NATURALNEWS.COM)


                                                                                       Human intelligence declining

Tech giants start to censor all healthy living content promoting nutrition, organics, clean water, clean vaccines, or anti-cancer foods.   Recently tech giant Facebook simply wanted us to be silenced and annihilated, so they flipped the switch and deleted Natural News and our nearly 3 million followers.   But that’s just the beginning of a far-reaching censorship campaign against natural health information on the web.  According to the source who warned me about the impending censorship action against us, Big Tech is soon going to start censoring information about anti-cancer foods, organics vs. pesticides, glyphosate herbicides and anything that’s critical of GMOs, vaccines or Big Pharma.  Similarly, all content that discusses geoengineering, weather control, dangers of chemotherapy, fluoride or aspartame will also be censored.  The internet is about to be almost completely gutted of truth, with all future content to be controlled by chemical corporations and pharmaceutical giants which spread lies and disinformation to keep selling their toxic products to the world.

Wikipedia has already been completely overtaken by the chemical poisoners, and all the various “fact check” organizations are already run by corporate interests.  Soon, a “fact” will be whatever Merck, Bayer or DuPont claims it is, real science be damned.  All dissenting views that threaten corporate profits will be instantly labeled “fake news,” even if they’re completely true.

If you currently have a video channel on YouTube that discusses anything concerning nutrition, natural health, disease prevention, raw foods or superfoods, you will be banned.  Move your videos over to as soon as possible, since we’ll be syndicating all health-oriented videos from Brighteon to several new topic-focused video websites to be announced soon.

The Internet cleansing has begun...and all knowledge challenging corporate monopolies will be scrubbed

YouTube has already begun scrubbing historical documentaries as part of its accelerated purge.  Facebook is going to start taking down all anti-cancer food channels, and diabetes will be next.  MailChimp just started banning all vaccine safety email lists today, blocking any senders from distributing emails that are critical of vaccine safety. is about to dump all small brand nutritional supplements and replace them all with synthetic, toxic vitamin products made by Big Pharma subsidiaries.  The great purge of natural health content is here.  Natural News being banned was just the beginning. 


OmniVista Health    Healthcare costs are hitting all-time highs while current and future generations are facing frightening financial times. At the same time, insurance companies continue to force patients and doctors through an endless maze of roadblocks, often leaving unsatisfied (and sicker) patients in their wake. All thanks to the side-effect laden mainstream “treatments” of drugs and surgery.


When your doctors say “there’s nothing more you can do,” don’t believe it!  Today’s killer diseases are ALL affected by lifestyle factors.  Diet, exercise, stress, toxic exposure, foods devoid of nutrition, insufficient sleep, lack of companionship, and more. Addressing any one of these factors can help improve symptoms.  But imagine the profound effects you’ll feel if you address them ALL—especially those most related to your illness.  But which are most important? And where do you begin?  There are countless approaches to natural health and healing.  And when you do it right, many of today’s killer diseases can be prevented and even reversed.  Our unique online learning platform allows our doctors to walk you through each recommendation in their own voice, so they can share their own experiences and the science behind their protocols in a way you can fully understand, as if you were sitting in the office with them.

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