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Let's start with a very simple question: If you use Google for searching, don't you get tired of being continuously bombarded with ads?
Most of us sure do.  Just in case you haven't really known of a good alternative -- i.e., great search results and NO ads -- please allow us to suggest to you this search engine: 
This is the search engine that doesn't track you and bombard you with ads.  This is also the search engine that doesn't collect or share
any of your personal information.  And since this search engine doesn't store any of your search results, it doesn't have anything to sell
to the advertisers who try to track you all over the Internet.  Other search engines track you even when you're browsing privately.  DuckDuckGo doesn't track you at all.  Period.  Take your privacy back with  CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE.

In the realm of cell phones and service, we'd like to share just a little of our experience with you to perhaps save you some money and get you what we feel is really terrific wireless service.  We have learned a lot over the years, starting when cell phones were as big as a brick and carried in a shoulder bag.  Today we use US Mobile, which we feel is one of the best options for cell service in the good ol' USA.  We have used both CDMA and GSM phones in the past couple of decades, and have come to realize that the GSM version makes the most sense.  (CDMA phones are made for the carriers which sell them, meaning that if you want to change carriers you also have to change phones.  GSM phones use a little SIM card, (SIM = Subscriber Identification Module) so to change carriers all you have to do is change SIM cards.  Since the SIM card can also hold all your contacts, this makes it a real snap to move them from one phone to another.  CDMA carriers make you buy a new phone if you want to change providers.  CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access, and GSM means Global System for Mobile Communications.)


US Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It doesn’t own or operate its own network infrastructure (phone towers), like dozens of other service providers; instead it offers great service using both T-Mobile and Verizon networks. These are two of the best and fastest networks across the U.S., according to reports by RootMetrics, OpenSignal, Ookla and J.D. Power. And since there are two options, you can choose whichever network works best for your area.  (It's also worth noting that CDMA technology cannot handle LTE wireless, which seems to be the direction cell service is moving in.)

While most cell phone providers are moving toward unlimited plans, US Mobile recognizes that not everyone needs so much talk, text and data. Though it has unlimited options, it also offers custom plans that let you decide how much of each service you need, so you aren’t paying for extra stuff you don’t use. If you only need talk and data, for example, you can add 100 minutes and 3GB for $27 a month, which includes a $4 service fee. If you just want unlimited texting, you can get that for $9 a month. We like that US Mobile accommodates so many situations. Families with a mixed bag of user styles can customize each plan.  And we especially like that US Mobile offers US-based customer service.

If you decide you might want to switch to US Mobile, use code
FHVMBLC which will allow you to save up to $10 when you activate your service.  If you use this code, we will also get the same saving on our next phone bill, but that is not why we are giving you all this info.  We're giving you all this info because we have found that the best way to save money with wireless phone service is to understand as much as you can about the service you're buying, rather than just responding to the next ad you see and hoping for the best.  

Times have changed. Selling is no longer hard. Selling no longer takes a lot of time. And you no longer have to meet up with a
stranger just to sell a waffle maker.

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On Mercari, selling really is fast and easy. You just take a few pics, add a description and boom — your item is listed. All things ship so there are never any awkward meetups. We even email you a shipping label right when your item sells.


Not using it? Sell it, ship it and get paid for it with Mercari – The Selling App.  (Click on logo above to visit the website.)