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             IMPORTANT FOOD BASICS: The Essential Food Groups

Before we go too deeply into something as important as foods, not to mention Favorite Foods, we had better cover some important basics.  We have probably all heard of the concept of "Food Groups," perhaps even the "Food Pyramid."  This is an attempt on the part of Food People to classify different foods so as to indicate, if possible, the importance of some foods over others.

We are herewith going to establish forevermore what are commonly referred to as the Five Essential Food Groups:
                                                                             1.  Bacon
                                                                             2.  Peanut Butter
                                                                             3.  Doughnuts (or Donuts)
                                                                             4.  Chocolate
                                                                             5.  Ice Cream

We broached above the subject of bacon, which is what suggested that we cover these basics before going further.  Clarification is always a good thing.

Occasionally you may have the opportunity to blend or "crossover" these Essential Food Groups, which will almost always produce a better result than you might have imagined.  For example, consider Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Here you have a blend using both Group 2 and Group 4, peanut butter and chocolate.  It was Harry B. Reese who invented this iconic American and essential food, and today it is obvious to all of us that Mr. Reese was not just Food People, he was a Food Genius.

Here's another example: Most American kids grew up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Today, this essential food has gotten even better.  "PB&J" has been refined into "PBBBJB."  Once you get a taste of this refinement, you will never go back to plain ol' PB&J.  For one thing, the J in PB&J was never well-defined.  What kind of J are we using here?  Just any kind of jelly that happens to be in the pantry leads to an unexceptional PB&J result.  However, when you specify what the end product is going to be, you have the chance to create a New American Classic.  I give you PBBBJB: Peanut Butter, Blueberry Jam and Bacon.  Notice again the blending between Essential Food Groups 1 and 2, which has given us a result that is far above what we could get without the blend.   (Lest you think that we are joking here in talking about peanut butter and blueberry jam and bacon, please be assured that we are not.  You have to taste this fantastic concoction to believe how good it is!  Be sure to add the bacon liberally, five or six or eight strips.  As a general rule, keep this guideline before you at all times: Never Skimp On Bacon, or NSOB for you bacon newbies.)

[A quick side comment: If you like PBBBJB, you may want to try a variation by substituting Orange Marmalade for the Blueberry Jam.  This gives you, first, a PBOM, which is quite good in itself.  But when you turn it into a PBOMB by adding bacon, you have now crossed over into the Heavenly Foods category, which we will certainly cover at another time.]

One last example of why the above Five Essential Food Groups are what they are.  We have all had the pleasure of enjoying a fresh glazed donut, or perhaps a fresh chocolate-covered donut (with or without the coffee, you decide).  Next time you have the chance to procure either one of the above, be sure to buy one more than usual.  You will save this extra donut for later, when you can smear a generous dollop of peanut butter over the top of it.  This will introduce you to the PBD Club, a large group of true food experts who know a good thing when they see it.  Or taste it.  A chocolate-covered donut PBA (peanut butter added) is truly something you will not soon forget.

Remember: NSOB and PBA.  Whenever you're rummaging around in the Five Essential Food Groups, look for opportunities to apply these two principles.  You'll thank us when you do.